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Dean repairs aluminium windows in Porirua

After being in the industry for 30 years, there isnt much that surprises Dean Wiseman any longer. Dean, who heads up Deans Aluminium Services, based in Camborne, has a detailed knowledge of aluminium products, how they perform, how they are meant to perform, and when they need replacement or repair.

Although aluminium is a long lasting product, the coatings and the continued use of ranch slider doors, opening and closing big windows, folding doors and even exterior claddings will eventually be in need of repair.

The Wellington climate can be harsh of exterior products. Leaks can develop in expansion joints, stays will become weather beaten, brittle and can fail, the small wheels which carry heavy ranch sliders may fracture under extra weight or stress, or cause deep grooves in the framing which lead to wear and friction which makes sliding doors heavy to move.

Dean knows and understands all these problems. After completing his apprenticeship in fitting and welding, Dean worked as a maintenance engineer in the former Bonds hosiery mill in Wellington on weaving and textile machinery. He worked in the United Kingdom and Australia on aluminium building installations, before returning to New Zealand in 1982 and set up his own company, with a business partner, which contracted to the building industry providing curtain walling, cladding and glazing.

For a decade, Dean ran Fisher Windows in Wellington, heading up a factory manufacturing operation, as well as providing installation and maintenance services. More recently he has been working on the conversion project for the former Wellington overseas passenger terminal, which is now being transformed into an apartment complex.

Now, as many of the buildings in both the residential sector and the commercial sector in the Wellington region are now reaching 40 years plus, there is a growing market for repair and maintenance of doors and windows, as well as cladding and fittings. Dean Wiseman has the specialist knowledge and skills to meet that market demand.

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