New Technologies

Like many other aspects of the building industry aluminium products have also undergone change and improvement as a result of new technologies.

  • Insulation products have been incorporated into doors and window frames.
  • Double glazing is becoming more popular as a method of controlling heat and reducing energy costs
  • Thermal qualities in windows have improved, using eco-friendly gas, clear films and improved glass quality.
  • Sliding door wheel technology has improved. By changing the wheel profile, the weight load of a ranch slider can be more evenly distributed, resulting in an easier sliding door, and less friction and wear.
  • Aluminium folding doors now have a fold back capability ensuring they can stack flush with the wall, but still move easily and freely.
  • Window flashings are now available in zinc, aluminium or galvanised.
  • Coatings have improved. There are now specialist coatings available for use in salt air zones by the sea. Anodised may be double dipped to ensure improved protection.
  • Anodised aluminium cladding can now accept a coating to guarantee a sheer surface, offering improved appearance and aesthetics as well as resistance to weathering.
  • Window and door seals have improved, and the use of new technology glues and polyethylene ensures better weather protection.

Dean's Aluminium Services can advise on all aspects of new technology aluminium, and its suitability for whatever projects you may have in mind.

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