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Repair replace window handle lock and ranch slider wheels

Aluminium door and window repairs

Below is some sample pictures of product available window handles, stays, locks, all window repairs and maintanance and all slider wheels

Aluminium door and window repairs

Your Aluminium window stays and handles will wear and break over time.

The two most common stay types are {A}stays These can be identified by looking down the length of it end on, it should look close to a {L} and it could be fixed on with rivets. These vary in length the shorter the sash the shorter the stay the longer the sash the longer the stay , these length's are designed to carry more or less weight.

The same theory is for the second stay type {CHH} these can be identified by looking down the length of the stay again it should look like a {N or U} three sides to it and will be fixed on with screws and vary in length depending on the size of the sash.

There are many different types of sash handle's but the two most common are face fix where they will be fixed through the face of the handle you will be able to see these or the sub fix where the fixing screw comes from underneath the last thing I will replace short rubber on your windows and fit them how they are supposed to be fitted..If you have questions please go to my frequently asked questions page. Regards Dean


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